Why You Should Do Your Divemaster Course in Koh Tao, Thailand

Group of happy people on the side of a pool.
Chalok Bay, Koh Tao Island, Thailand

Find out why Koh Tao is one of the best places in the world to do your Divemaster Course. It’s more than just a course, it’s a lifestyle. 

What is a Divemaster course?

The Divemaster scuba diving course is a significant step for individuals passionate about exploring the underwater world and seeking to turn their love for diving into a profession. This intensive program equips participants with comprehensive knowledge and practical skills essential for leading and supervising dive activities. 

A Divemaster course or Divemaster internship is the first scuba diving course in becoming a scuba diving professional or scuba diving instructor, once your prerequisite courses and dives are completed.

When you’ve completed the course, you can:

  • work as a dive guide where you will plan, organize and lead certified divers
  • assist with diving courses 
  • participate in conservation internship programs through groups like INLOC or Working Abroad, and 
  • Work in dive equipment production or distribution jobs

Many people complete their Divemaster course as a stepping stone towards higher levels of diving professions, advancing to become a diving instructor, commercial diver and/or underwater photographer. Others choose to continue working as a Divemaster, where they can lead fun divers on FUN dives, and get paid to show new diver friends (also known as customers) their favorite sites and sea creatures!

What are some things to look forward to in your Divemaster training?

Divers hovering in trim underwater.

Advance your scuba skills and assist with courses in the water

During your Divemaster course, you’ll fine tune your diving skills under the supervision of experienced instructors and specialists. You’ll learn to lead dives during your daily fun dives, and will confidently assist scuba diving courses until your buoyancy and air control are effortless and your mind is attuned to helping in any emergency situation.

Develop unique and transferable leadership and management skills

Non-diving skills are critical to making that next step of becoming a confident dive professional, so during your Divemaster course, you’ll also learn leadership and management skills like the business of diving and environmental conservation techniques, along with dive theory and physiology. Applying these to the exciting business of diving makes every step fun and rewarding.

Have an unforgettable life experience in paradise

As an island dedicated to diving, becoming a Divemaster on Koh Tao is an adventure of a lifetime. You’ll dive deeper into your love of scuba surrounded by like-minded people, making friends from all over the world, and exploring your personal limits and accomplishments. 

Over the 2-10 week course of your Divemaster training, you will develop lifelong relationships with not only fellow Divemaster Trainees. mentors, and instructors, but also your vibrant, unique, and mesmerizing local marine life all over the most pristine dive sites in the Gulf of Thailand. Most divers, adventurers, and travelers have proclaimed that the time spent on their Divemaster course on Koh Tao was one of the best experiences of their lives.

If you choose the right place to take your Divemaster course,  you’ll also find yourself adventuring on white sand beaches, hiking through remote jungles and dining at exotic restaurants like those found on Koh Tao.

Why choose Koh Tao, Thailand to do your Divemaster course?

Female diver walking out of the water onto the island.

Amazing Koh Tao dive sites and conditions

Koh Tao  is an island that lives and breathes diving!  With over 25 local dive sites, Koh Tao has excellent diving conditions, warm waters and sunny days year-round. Scuba Diving Thailand at its finest!

World’s highest scuba diving standards of safety

With so many scuba diving schools to choose from, competition is hot! And with that comes heightened standards for training and facilities. Being a small island means that you can find a variety of schools that hold each other to the highest safety standards. 

Taking prerequisite courses like the Master Rescue course, offered at most of the diving schools in Thailand,  will demonstrate the level of professionalism and standards in safety you will find on Koh Tao as compared to other educational diving locations around the world.

One of the most affordable locations to learn to scuba dive

One of the reasons it’s so affordable to do your Divemaster training on Koh Tao is due to the low cost of living on the island. There are hundreds of places to rent simple rooms, apartments, beach bungalows, and dorms on Koh Tao and some Divemaster programs even offer free accommodation. 

Your Divemaster training course (not including room and board) should cost you between 45,000 – 100,000 THB depending on if you have completed your prerequisite courses and dives, the length of the program, the number of dives included, the facilities, training staff, etc. This also includes mandatory personal safety equipment you will need to purchase prior to or during your course.

Be very wary of courses that advertise the training in less than 4 weeks and for less than 30,000 THB. Remember, this is a professional training program and while it’s possible to complete the course quickly, do you really want to set yourself up for a new career with substandard training?

And while you’re saving money on your affordable scuba diving training and cheap diving, you’ll also be able to enjoy Koh Tao’s affordable world class restaurants, nightlife, and nature adventures.

Thailand offers visas on arrival and visa exempt entry to hundreds of nationalities

Check the Thai Embassy page for options based on your country of residence!   

Most countries are eligible for 60-90 day visas, or 30 day visa exempt arrival (no application needed beforehand – just come on in!)  And most of these entries can be extended an additional 30 days at our island’s own friendly immigration office. This offers ample time to get your training in, as well as loads of fun dives.

Simply put, Koh Tao offers everything you want and need in completing your Divemaster course. Pristine waters, clear conditions and beautiful weather are just the start! 

By completing your Divemaster course here at Hydronauts Diving Resort, you will be entering our lush dive sites accompanied by the most experienced and focused educators, making new friends and connections and creating an unforgettable experience. We offer the highest standards, the best facilities and equipment, and best of all, your training is catered to you and your needs. 

Reach out to us today to find out what makes Koh Tao and Hydronauts the best place in the world to complete your Divemaster course.