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Why we teach the RAID way.

In the world of scuba diving, one agency is in a class of its own and fundamentally changing the industry. RAID’s innovation for the way we learn and train to dive is like none other. Being passionate about both diving and teaching, Hydronauts teaches diving the RAID way for its quality of education and teaching philosophy. Our Hydronauts-in-training will receive instruction to make them safer divers with more confidence in themselves, their knowledge and their skills.

Here are just a few of the many reasons why we love to be a part of the RAID family.

Turtle swimming towards the viewer.

RAID expects the highest standards from its professional divers.

Creating the best divers possible begins with those teaching the content. This is why our professional diver’s prerequisites are beyond the requirements of the other agencies.  RAID instructors are required to be certified in both NITROX and Deep 40. The more experience the professional has, the better they are at delivering the information in a safe and relatable way.

Turtle swimming towards the viewer.
Divers listening to their their instructor.
Divers listening to their their instructor.

RAID believes the best divers are formed in the water, not just in a classroom.

Let’s be honest, nobody likes to sit in a hotel room reading extensive materials while on holiday. With RAID you can get all of the academic learning done ahead of time and at your own pace. All of the learning materials are available for FREE and easily accessed through your RAID profile. 

Interested in a specific course? Download the materials and preview it before taking the plunge. No pressure, no obligation.

RAID is an eco-focused and paperless agency.

We love that RAID is proud of its low carbon footprint. All of the necessary paperwork is submitted digitally through your RAID profile. No need to drag around heavy, inaccurate and potentially out-of-date textbooks.

RAID’s educational materials are continuously updated for accuracy and precision. Any changes made are immediately available and effortlessly distributed to every student and staff member. Keeping the most up-to-date information readily available in real-time.

RAID never cuts corners.

The best approach to becoming a better diver is to get in the water and practice, practice, practice. RAID supports this philosophy by requiring student divers to spend a minimum amount of time in the water for every course. This discipline helps you build muscle memory to dive seamlessly and comfortably. Defying gravity, despite the water conditions.

At Hydronauts, it is always quality over quantity.

RAID follows up to make sure that every dive center and professional operating under their elite system maintains respect and execution of standards in accordance with their own general diving standards and the RSTC.

Quality assurance is the key to cultivating the same passion in divers that the founding members have.

RAID focuses first on the most important skill: buoyancy.

Studies from the Diver’s Alert Network show that “dive accidents often reflect poor buoyancy control.” No matter if you are a new diver doing your Open Water 20 or a more experienced diver learning new specialties, the emphasis is always on having the best buoyancy possible.

“Buoyancy – an upward force exerted by a fluid that opposes the weight of a partially or fully immersed object.” 

Good buoyancy control not only makes you a safer diver but also increases the enjoyment and comfort of your dive. With proper buoyancy control, your air consumption will be better and therefore lengthen your bottom time.

To sum it up, here is a sample straight from the RAID itself…


To be the global benchmark for diver and instructor training through the use of cutting edge technology and superior in-water training techniques monitored by a fully integrated and proactive quality control system.


To deliver the highest quality and most comprehensive diver services, products and training programs in the industry whilst maintaining zero environmental impact.


Dive Training in a Class of its Own.