Deep 40

with Hydronauts


The Deep 40 is a specialty course that will certify you to dive to the maximum depth for recreational diving, 40 meters.

The course develops the knowledge and skill set required to plan, prepare, and properly execute a deep dive. By understanding and mitigating the potential risks at this depth, your deeper dives will be safer and more enjoyable. 

Deep 40 is conducted across 4 dives and completed in 2.5 days.

The course can also be combined with the Nitrox specialty course.

8,500 THB



Eligible divers must have the following:

Open Water diver certification

Explorer 30 – Advanced diver certification

Minimum of 8 hours logged underwater in an open water environment

15 years of age or older

Step 1 -
Online Study

Begin your e-learning online before you arrive!

Your training starts online where you will access all your RAID training manuals and quizzes. Contact us to get started with your e-learning!

Step 2 - Theory & Workshops

On arrival, you will meet your instructor who will review your pre-completed e-learning with you. They will also conduct a few workshops on equipment, physics, physiology, management, and safe diving practices to help reinforce your e-learning. You will then begin to plan and prepare for your dives. 

Step 3 - Open Water Dives

Now it’s time to put what you have learned in theory into practice. After your theory you will head out on 4 open water dives over the next two days. Together with your instructor, you will plan and prepare for each dive, completing skills and exercises at varying depths. 


Flying after your dives? Be sure to give yourself an 18-hour window after your final dive.

Need a place to stay? We are a beachfront diving resort! We offer rooms from mixed dorms, double bedrooms, family rooms, and bungalows for weekly or monthly rent! You can book a room here

Please keep hydrated. Remember to drink plenty of water before and after your dives.

Bring sunscreen (preferably reef safe) and apply it an hour before entering the sea to protect marine life.

Why Choose Hydronauts?​

RAID Instructors​

Our experienced instructors are hand-picked, highly trained, and passionate about scuba diving. We tailor each course and dive to your unique needs.

Beachfront Diving Resort​

Southwestern-facing property including a dive shop, hotel, training pool, cafe & restaurant, dive boat, and beach bar. We offer diving & accommodation packages for every budget.

Guaranteed Small Groups

We guarantee small groups of no more than four students to an instructor or dive guide so that you get the individual attention you deserve.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

We choose to dive and teach in Backplate & Wing BCD with a Long-hose, Short-hose regulator configuration favored by technical divers.

Dive Anywhere in the World

Upon completion of your RAID scuba diving course, you will be issued with an e-certification card that recognizes you as an internationally certified scuba diver.

Low Carbon Footprint

We make every effort to reduce our footprint and use of paper and plastic. All our course materials are hosted online giving you access for life.

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