Are you interested in having a career as a professional scuba diver? Do you need a good reason to spend a few months on a tropical island? Look no further than the Hydronauts Divemaster Course. 

Divemaster Training

Earning a Divemaster certification is the first step towards your new career as a professional scuba diver. Unlocking the freedom and ability to dive anywhere in the world is a massive perk. Throughout your training, you will learn how to properly deliver dive briefings, lead certified divers around Koh Tao dive sites and how to DEFY GRAVITY like a true Hydronaut. You will practice with fellow Divemasters Trainees (DMTs) role-playing as customers or dive lead to build your confidence both in and out of the water. This will better prepare you for when the time comes for real-world experience. Keeping guests safe, informed, and fascinated by the underwater world is our top priority and we do our best to pass this on to our Divemasters in training. 

Unique Experience

Becoming a RAID Divemaster at Hydronauts is a unique experience not offered by many other dive centers. Not only will you gain professional-grade knowledge and practical use of diving theory, equipment, and safe diving practices, but you will also be using state-of-the-art equipment and will be trained to the highest industry standards. Our program is also designed with the community in mind. Your two-to-three months in the Divemaster program has options to integrate your blossoming diving knowledge into the daily operations of Hydronauts Diving Resort, working with crew and customers. This real-world firsthand experience working in a dive center resort offers a unique qualification for a successful future in the industry. 

Time Commitement 

Furthermore, the Hydronauts Divemaster Program will be a lot of fun and hard work but done at a balanced and comfortable pace. From orientation, you will be given 90 days to complete the 60 days of required coursework activities.  You will be working closely with our Divemaster Instructor Mentors, Rafael Mellado & Gary Robbins. On the days you’re not doing coursework, you are free to go diving with the other Divemasters in Training on our twice-daily boat trips.


Is coral restoration and conservation your passion? Hydronauts also has an integrated partnership with Global Reef, a marine ecology and conservation education program. Global Reef is led by world-renowned marine biologist and underwater photographer, Piers Baillie. If you would like to spend an extra month working with Piers and contributing to some ongoing reef health and fish population studies, be sure to add a Conservation Internship to your Divemaster program. Get in touch with us to learn more today!


Want to live on the beach during your training? We offer accommodation packages to our Divemaster Trainees who would like to stay at our beachfront resort. 

Course Costs

50,000 THB

***Spaces are limited, we recommend to book in advance.***


Within your Divemaster you will complete your online FREe-Learning modules, including quizzes, presentations and your final exam. You will learn how to plan and execute a dive and which factors to consider when doing so.

You will complete various skill sets both in and out of the water, until you have shown you are competent in all aspects. The Divemaster qualification also requires a set amount of time spent assisting instructors and their students on recreational courses. Course assisting is extremely beneficial, especially if you are planning on working in the scuba diving industry.

The whole program requires a minimum of 40 hours theory and practical work to complete. Depending on your time scale it is also possible to extend this period if you wish and take your time to ensure you are confident with all you have learned and most importantly, to enjoy yourself! Be sure to ask about how you can extend your program if this is something that interests you.


Must be 18 years of age minimum. 

Must be a certified Master Rescue Diver and have a current First Aid & Oxygen Provider certificate. 

Prior to Divemaster certification, candidates must acquire Nitrox, Deep 40 as an exit requirement which can be completed before or during the Divemaster program.

Have a minimum of 45 logged dives using open-circuit.

Have a logged navigation, night or limited visibility dive.

Have a recent medical certificate from a medical professional stating you are fit to dive.


During your course, you will be allowed to borrow shop kit at no extra cost. Keep in mind though, students of other courses are on a much shorter timeline and will take priority. It is not required but highly recommended to obtain your own equipment as you train to become a professional diver. We can help you with this for both new and second hand equipment on the island.

There are only a few pieces of equipment that are mandatory. For starters, diving insurance. All DMTs will be required to carry Dive Assist Scuba Medic coverage and can be purchases right in the dive shop. They offer two price tiers: 2,000 THB per month or 3,000 THB for the year. 

Next, is the Safety Pack. Every diver should carry these as a bare minimum, which is why we require our trainees to as well. 

Option 1: The Essentials

  • Deep blue compass 1,550 THB
  • Whistle 45 THB
  • Deep Blue Surface Marker Buoy 1,350 THB
  • Finger reel 620 THB
  • Folding Knife 945 THB
  • Storm Torch 2,700 THB
    • battery 190 THB
    • charger  285 THB
  • Deep Blue Slate 300 THB

TOTAL: 7,985 THB – 15% = 6,788 THB

Option 2: The Lifer

  • Aquatec Compass 1,840 THB
  • OMS Surface Marker Buoy 2,600 THB
  • Oms Reel 1,400 THB
  • Line Cutter 750 THB
  • Orca Torch 3,770 THB
  • Whistle 75 THB
  • OMS wrist slate 1,260 THB

TOTAL: 11,695THB – 15% = 9,941THB

Last and certainly not the least, the most important piece of equipment every diver needs is a personal dive computer. 

Dive computers are essential for scuba diving safely, acting as your second brain both above and beneath the water’s surface. This means they are an important investment for your diving journey and can be a very personal decision as to which model you prefer. A few examples of the most popular computers around Hydronauts are the Suunto D4i or Zoop, Garmin G1 and Shearwater Peregrine or Perdix. 

Unlike the safety pack, a dive computer won’t be an immediate requirement to begin diving but it absolutely will be once you are leading divers and assisting courses. Feel free to ask any staff or fellow divers about their model and why they prefer it before making your choice. Fortunately, Koh Tao is a diving mecca and second hand computers are easy to come by and can save you a lot of baht. 


Flying after your dives? Be sure to give yourself an 18-hour window after your final dive.

Need a place to stay? We are a beachfront diving resort! We offer rooms from mixed dorms, double bedrooms, family rooms, and bungalows for weekly or monthly rent! You can book a room here

Please keep hydrated. Remember to drink plenty of water before and after your dives.

Bring sunscreen (preferably reef safe) and apply it an hour before entering the sea to protect marine life.


These are some of our most frequently asked questions, hopefully they help you find what you are looking for. If not, send us an email, we are happy to help.

Of course, we have a rolling year-round course structure, so you can start your Divemaster course and/or prerequisites any time of year. 

Our Divemaster program is unique. We have created a format of 60 days worth of training completed within 90 days. At the beginning of your time with us, we will meet with you to discuss your training goals. At this time you will be able to request any specific days off and set a schedule that suits your needs. This will allow time to work online, go fun diving or just relax and enjoy island life. Alternatively, if you have a limited amount of time to complete your training, we can work with you to set a more streamlined schedule.

Absolutely! RAID is governed by the same industry standards as other international diving agencies, and most equivalent courses taken through those agencies are applicable. We think you will be impressed with how diving the RAID way will enhance your previous experiences, turning you into an amazing dive professional.

Not necessarily. As an instructor, you would need to work at a shop that has a membership with your certifying agency. However, Divemasters have a little more flexibility. Most shops will hire Divemasters that are certified with any agency as long as they maintain their active status and diving insurance. 

One notable advantage of pursuing divemaster training with RAID lies in the enhanced qualification it offers compared to Divemasters certified through alternative agencies. RAID distinguishes itself by mandating Deep 40 and Nitrox qualifications for its Divemasters, a unique requirement in the industry. This thorough training prepares you to dive at depths comparable to seasoned recreational divers without restrictions. Additionally, it strengthens your foundational skills for advancing in your professional development.

Life on Koh Tao can  be as cheap or as expensive as you like it to be.. Factors to consider are housing, motorbike rental, meals, visa runs and entertainment which all come at varying price points from cheap and cheerful to luxurious. 

Why Choose Hydronauts?​

RAID Instructors​

Our experienced instructors are hand-picked, highly trained, and passionate about scuba diving. We tailor each course and dive to your unique needs.

Beachfront Diving Resort​

Southwestern-facing property including a dive shop, hotel, training pool, cafe & restaurant, dive boat, and beach bar. We offer diving & accommodation packages for every budget.

Guaranteed Small Groups

We guarantee small groups of no more than four students to an instructor or dive guide so that you get the individual attention you deserve.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

We choose to dive and teach in Backplate & Wing BCD with a Long-hose, Short-hose regulator configuration favored by technical divers.

Dive Anywhere in the World

Upon completion of your RAID scuba diving course, you will be issued with an e-certification card that recognizes you as an internationally certified scuba diver.

Low Carbon Footprint

We make every effort to reduce our footprint and use of paper and plastic. All our course materials are hosted online giving you access for life.

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