Advanced Wreck


Are you ready to take your scuba diving adventures to new depths? The RAID Advanced Wreck Diver course is an exhilarating opportunity for certified divers eager to safely explore the fascinating world of wreck diving. This advanced program offers a unique blend of excitement and challenge, allowing you to unlock new diving opportunities and dive deeper into the underwater world. Whether you’re intrigued by the history of sunken ships or fascinated by the unique marine life that inhabits wrecks, this course will equip you with the skills and knowledge to safely and responsibly penetrate, navigate and explore shipwreck dive sites.

To enhance your practical training experience, the course offers access to 3 dedicated shipwrecks specifically chosen for training purposes. Each of these wrecks is no deeper than 30 meters, providing an ideal training environment for wreck diving exploration. The course adheres to RAID’s standards, which require a linear 40-meter maximum depth. In this context, “linear” refers to the combined vertical and horizontal distance from the surface rather than the actual vertical depth within the water column, ensuring a safe and controlled diving experience. For example, if the wreck penetration point is at 30 meters, students will be allowed to penetrate up to 10 meters inside the wreck.

When diving in an overhead environment, having a redundant gas source for emergencies is crucial. In the event of a failure of your primary gas supply, this redundancy ensures a safe exit from the wreck. This is why we highly recommend being certified in Twinset or Sidemount as they are perfect examples of redundant gas supply. Student divers that are not certified in these configurations are still allowed to take this course as long as there is a redundant gas source available such as a sling tank or pony bottle.

Students will learn:

  • Advanced Wreck Diving Planning: Skills and techniques for effective planning and execution of wreck dives.
  • Penetration Lines and Reels Use: Mastery of skills and techniques for using penetration lines and reels to navigate safely within wrecks.
  • Gas Management and Emergency Procedures: Understanding gas consumption and practicing emergency procedures in various wreck diving scenarios.
  • Navigating Inside Wrecks: Techniques and methods for safely exploring and navigating the interiors of wrecks.
  • Risk and Hazard Awareness: Identification and mitigation of specific risks and hazards associated with wreck diving.
  • Specialized Equipment Use: Familiarity with the specialized equipment required for wreck diving and its effective use.

Please Note

This course is not a technical diving certification, but it does incorporate many tech-influenced procedures and techniques that will lay a foundation for future technical diving courses. Divers who wish to dive wreck sites beyond the recreational limit of 40m maximum depth should consider RAID’s Technical Wreck course.

For divers already familiar with the backplate/wing and long hose, short hose configurations, transitioning to Sidemount or Twinset will feel natural after adjusting to the additional tank and isolated first stages. If this is your first time using anything other than the traditional recreational configuration, your instructor will assist you with the adjustment.


Prerequisites & Extra Info

– At least 15 years old
RAID Explorer 30 Diver or an advanced open water equivalent
Nitrox Diver certification
– A minimum of 20 logged dives

**Safety Considerations**
Wreck diving presents unique risks and challenges like reduced visibility, potential entanglement risks, and navigating overhead environments. Hence having comprehensive training, appropriate equipment, and strict safety procedures are essential for ensuring safe and responsible wreck diving.

Wreck divers are expected to have specialized equipment for wreck diving, including:
-Primary and backup dive torches
-Spools, reels and line
-Cutting tools: line cutters, knives or shears
-Dive computer or depth gauge and timer
-Buoyancy control device (BCD) equipped with redundant inflation systems

Step 1 -
Online Study

Kick off your diving adventure the RAID WAY with dynamic FREe-learning before you even set foot on site.

Dive into the comprehensive manuals and engaging quizzes online to lay the groundwork for your course.

Ready to get started? Contact us today to set up your RAID profile and launch your next diving journey.

Step 2 -
Theory & Workshops

Upon arrival, guests will meet their instructor and fellow student divers for orientation and to complete any remaining paperwork.

Instructors will conduct an academic session in the classroom, covering the relevant theory and assigning homework. This will be followed by an equipment workshop, dry line drills and tie-off practice, emergency exit procedures and communication.

Step 3 -
Pool Training

Dive into our purpose-built training pool for confined water training. This immersive experience is your gateway to mastering a new configuration, honing your tie-offs, communication and emergency skills, and continuing to build solid muscle memory in a controlled environment.

Step 4 -
Practical Training on Real Shipwrecks

Participants will complete 4 dives on dedicated shipwrecks to practice tie-offs, communication, laying lines, and emergency procedures. The progression throughout the dives involves the instructor demonstrating each skill while students observe, followed by students practicing each skill under the instructor’s guidance. This hands-on approach ensures that every student has the opportunity to practice and master each skill effectively.
*Maximum depth will be according to your certification level.*

Advanced wreck scuba diver exploring the inside of a shipwreck.

Flying After Diving?

Flying after your dives? Be sure to give yourself an 18-hour window after your final dive.

Need a place to stay? We are a beachfront diving resort! We offer rooms from mixed dorms, double bed rooms, family rooms, and bungalows for weekly or monthly rent! You can book a room here

Please keep hydrated. Remember to drink plenty of water before and after your dives.

Bring sunscreen (preferably reef safe) and apply it an hour before entering the sea to protect marine life.

Why Choose Hydronauts?​

RAID Instructors​

Our experienced instructors are hand-picked, highly trained, and passionate about scuba diving. We tailor each course and dive to your unique needs.

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We guarantee small groups of no more than four students to an instructor or dive guide so that you get the individual attention you deserve.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

We choose to dive and teach in Backplate & Wing BCD with a Long-hose, Short-hose regulator configuration favored by technical divers.

Dive Anywhere in the World

Upon completion of your RAID scuba diving course, you will be issued with an e-certification card that recognizes you as an internationally certified scuba diver.

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We make every effort to reduce our footprint and use of paper and plastic. All our course materials are hosted online giving you access for life.

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