“You have a purpose,
and you are WILDY CAPABLE of fulfilling it”


“When I met Paloma I was facing the possibility of having to give up dancing, or at least that was what the orthopedist had told me. She was confident that she could help me, so I decided to give working with her a shot.
After a couple of months working with Paloma, not only was I stronger than I ever was, most importantly I was not experiencing the ankle and knee pain that I had before. She provided me with the knowledge to work on my own and was always encouraging and supportive of me and my athletic goals. 

Working with her gave me the confidence that I can continue living a healthy and mobile life. I can say with confidence that working with her has been one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life.”



Personal Training Client

“Working with Paloma was an incredible experience for my holistic health and personal journey with fitness overall. I cannot recommend her enough! I’ve tried many different ways to improve my fitness, but what was always missing were simple (though not necessarily easy) steps that I could incorporate into my life no matter what. Paloma changed that. Working with her helped me to develop foundational awareness of my body and mind, along with incremental habit-based changes that were ALWAYS doable. I also absolutely love Paloma as a person: she’s incredibly caring, empathetic, and encouraging. Rather than punishing or chastising me for my choices or mistakes, Paloma took a totally different approach and always focused on what I did well, seeing the other areas as opportunities. Her mindset rubbed off on me, and I now have a much healthier relationship with myself, my body, and fitness/food. Thank you Paloma!!!” 



Online Coaching Client

“I worked with Paloma to prepare for my first Triathlon. When I signed up to do the NYC Tri, which included a 1 mile swim in the Hudson, I did not even know how to swim! She helped me overcome my fear of water, taught me how to swim, and also worked with me on the gym floor to help me get ready. 

Paloma believed in me. She helped build my confidence.  She helped me achieve my goal. There’s no doubt she’s a great fitness trainer but her faith in her clients and her positive nature is just as important.”


Personal Training/ Triathlon Prep Client

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“Paloma is a kind and thoughtful person which radiates in her training program. She listens and has tailored my program to fit my schedule and physical needs. I have a long commute and an injury and the program she designed for me has helped me build up my confidence and makes me look forward to all my workouts 

I love that she creates her programs through a mobile app with comprehensive instructions, schedules and videos so I’m able to complete and understand all my workouts. Paloma is always responsive to all my questions and has really helped me adopt a healthier and more active lifestyle. Thank you Paloma for all your guidance!” 


Personal Training/ Online Coaching Client

“Ten years ago, I wanted to get back into the pool and tackle learning how to swim. As an adult learning how to swim, I was nervous and scared. A friend recommended I meet Paloma who not only became my swimming instructor, but a personal trainer, and a close friend

Paloma exudes warmth, kindness, and support. She is very knowledgeable, practices what she teaches, and approaches every session with excitement. Paloma creates a welcoming and accepting environment with a genuine desire to help bring out the best in you. Paloma helped me improve my technique in the pool, build strength, and develop confidence in my abilities to make change.”


Personal Training Client

“Paloma is dedicated and compassionate to her clients and it is evident from day one. Through her guidance, I have realized I am capable of being stronger and much more. She is the person you want by your side and will be the biggest cheerleader in your journey.”


Personal Training Client

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